Insulated Concrete Form by Earth Friendly Block™

Mar 26, 2021

Thank you for your interest in Earth Friendly Block™. EF Block™ is the product of a Tempe, Arizona based company called Earth Friendly Building Materials LLC, which has developed a stay-in-place ICF (insulated concrete form) process which constitutes the foundation for a super efficient green build. Once you assess the competition: other methods of stay-in-place ICF; traditional CMU; stick/timber frame construction; it will become clear that EF Block™ is the clear choice for so many reasons.

EF Block™ is the only stay-in-place Insulated Concrete Form in the market that uses shredded, post consumer expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) mixed with a proprietary blend of cement and adhesives known as “Admix” and a proprietary system of assembly and compression, to produce a strong, light, highly stable and versatile stay-in-place ICF that forms the foundation of a super-efficient, durable building designed to last for generations.

Why Consider our Insulated Concrete Form: EF Block™?

  • EF Block™ will insulate at a true thermal rating of R-40+ with no further spray foam insulation to the inner walls required.
  • The same attributes delivering thermal insulation also give EF Block™ high sound proofing qualities with no further work required.
  • Because it uses post consumer shredded EPS, EF Block will not “outgas” ,this makes EF Block the best choice for a healthy family and workforce. For this reason EF Block™ is approved by the American Lung Association.
  • This is the only ICF product we know of where 87% of each block produced is made of post consumer EPS making ICF a truly green product as well as a safer one. By taking EPS out of landfills, EF Block can form “official recycler” trade partnerships with government, municipal, and commercial associations and can, where applicable, qualify for green tax credit and funding.
  • EF Block™ has a fire rating in excess of 4 hours.
  • EF Block™ is mold, fungus and termite resistant compared to traditional stick fame buildings.
  • EF Block™ is stronger than traditional timber frame structures by a factor of 7, and is resistant to winds in excess of 200mph.
  • The unique pliability of EF Block™ makes this building form more resistant to minor earthquake tremors than traditional CMU.

Insulated Concrete Form Construction Advantages

EF Block™ is versatile and easy to use, it is highly favored by experienced builders who have considered all the available options and have found EF Block™ to be superior in all measures.

  • Permanent formwork for retaining walls, sound walls, basement walls, foundation stem walls, load bearing walls, backyard planters, and landscaping and BBQ areas.
  • Lightweight: 87% EPS composition, makes our 60” (L) x 10” (W) x 12” (H) block only 50lbs in weight making it possible for one strong person to lift and stack.
  • Makes for easy and rapid assembly: every time a block is laid, 5 sq. ft. of wall is constructed.
  • Blocks are 12” on center, and conform to IRC Codes in 2006 ,2009, and 2012, 2015, and currently 2018.
  • Pre-insulation cuts out the need to spray-foam on walls to achieve the same R-values thereby cutting down on construction man hours.
  • Electrical and plumbing ductwork is easily chased into walls, thereby cutting down on further labor.
  • By choosing EF Block, general contractors have reduced build-days-to-completion, and cut down on key trades while delivering an unsurpassed product.

Insulated Concrete Form Competitive Cost Advantages

A highly efficient build using EF Block™ is very cost effective compared to traditional CMU and larger stick frame structures that require subsequent insulation, while being safer and more stable than traditional virgin EPS forms of Insulated Concrete Form.

If you are planning to dramatically lower your energy costs, and build a safe, healthy super-efficient building, while helping the environment by reducing EPS and fill waste, then EF Block™ is your best option.