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We are the leaders in composite ICF / ICCF block, Arizona’s #1 recycler, and the original manufacturers & distributors of Earth Friendly Block (EF Block™) worldwide.

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Build faster, build smarter, build for tomorrow.

Everyone deserves to live in a better home with EF Block™

Built-in thermal insulative qualities equal to an R-40 insulation

Hurricane resistance — 700% stronger than a 2X6 frame with 1/2-inch shear wall

Mold and mildew resistance

Fire resistance — 4 hour fire rated

Easy installation, providing significant savings in construction time and labor cost

Bug resistance — termites won’t eat or nest in EF Block™

Truly GREEN — made from 87% recycled post-consumer Styrofoam

Pioneers in sustainability

Earth friendly building materials is a family owned & operated business since 1990. We are located in Tempe, Arizona offering alternative building materials that save forests and prolong the lifespans of expensive landfills. When you think about building your future, always remember to recycle, reuse and repurpose!


A safer home starts with EF Block

“EF BlockTM survives a tornado!”

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