Why Should You Use ICF Building Material in Home Construction?

Nov 1, 2021

The use of eco-friendly building materials and products is an important strategy in the design of a building. Using recycled building materials assists in reducing the environmental impact of building and other supporting systems without surrendering or forfeiting comfort or health.

Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC is the leading EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) recycling company in Arizona. The company works to transform post-consumer Styrofoam into high-quality, insulated, and durable earth friendly blocks, also known as EF Block™, that are easy to stack and shape into just about any construction design imaginable.

Many homeowners are choosing green home projects made with sustainable and natural materials to ensure their home construction is free from chemicals and other toxins that can harm you, your family, and even your environment.
Anyone looking for eco-friendly building supplies in Arizona should contact Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC. Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC is offering a insulated concrete form known as EF Block™ to their customers. The building block they manufacture is easy to use and quick to construct.

Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC has a team of professionals who not only provide EF Block™, but also provide training on how to build with the block, material lists required for your project, on-site consultation, and if needed, they can build your project for you. Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC also provides an opportunity for individuals to own their own manufacturing plant producing their EF Block™ product by licensing investors who want to establish an EF Block™ manufacturing plant in their region.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

In the simplest way, ICF’s are a firm Lego type block that gets inserted with rebar and filled with concrete The blocks are lightweight and typically owner builder-friendly. With EF Block™, blocks are stacked and spot glued, rebar (steel) is inserted into the cores of the block, and then the cores are filled with concrete. The finished product is incredible! EF Block™ can be enhanced with all facias, and facias such as stucco and plaster can be applied directly to the block without having to use wire mesh. EF Block™ technology also assists in reducing the need for costly insulation applications because with the recycled Polystyrene encased in concrete as part of its construct, the insulation is already built into the block!

EF Block™ is a Insulating concrete form (ICF) system that is durable, strong, and energy-efficient.

The insulating concrete form, EF Block™, provided by Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC ensures

  • Strong, 10-inch thick insulated concrete walls
  • Overall comfort with high thermal qualities- equal to R-40 insulation
  • Resistance from rot, mold, mildew, and insects
  • Disaster resistance and safety
  • Hurricane resistance-700 times stronger than a 26 frame with ½ inch shear wall
  • Fire resistance
  • Sound resistance

EF Block™ will have an everlasting positive on your lifestyle and our environment for generations to come.

Other benefits include:

  • Fast and easy construction
  • Significant saving in time and labor
  • Convenient material management with its light weight and design for hassle-free shipment
  • Compatibility with carpenter trades

Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC provides complete sales and services for their product. Their motto is to encourage alternative building the they offer growth opportunities, knowledge/experience, and promote productive relations.

EF Block™ Offers Sustainability

Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC manufactures EF Block™ to save forests and prolong the lifespan of expensive landfills by redirecting used and unwanted styrofoam. When you are thinking about building a future, do not forget to reach out to them. They have been providing green building supplies in Arizona since 1990 and they handle all the supplies you need for to construct with EF Block™ in building an eco-freindly home. Their years of effort and experience ensures you will have a home that will stand the test of time.