Why Choose Insulated Earth Block Materials for a Construction Project?

Nov 1, 2021

People usually overlook the quality of materials required for the completion of a construction project. However, one should avoid compromising the quality of building materials because, in the short term, they can have a significant effect on various aspects of a construction project and, in the long term, they can affect durability, thermal performance, and health.

Before investing in construction materials, consider the long-term value of durability, thermal performance, and health. Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC is a top-notch company striving to provide high quality, eco-friendly building material at a competitively affordable cost. This company manufactures EF Block™, which is an innovative, light-weight concrete block 10-inches thick, 1-foot high, and 5-feet long. If you haven’t seen a home being constructed with EF Block™, contact Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC and they will show you their product during construction. It will be worth every minute of your time!

Let’s have a look at the main characteristic features of EF Block™ manufactured by the Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC.

  • High quality built-in thermal insulative properties equal to R-40 insulation
  • Termite and bug resistant
  • Mildew and mold resistant
  • Easy installation and less labor; a homeowner can even construct it themselves
  • Composed of 87% recycled Polystyrene (also known as Styrofoam)
  • Fire resitant
  • Completed construction with EF Block™ 700% stronger than a ½-inch shear wall with 2×6 frame.

Some benefits of using Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC’s EF Block™insulated concrete forms include:

  • Reduces construction time
  • Reduces material costs and manpower
  • Highly Eco-friendly, beneficial for the earth
  • Durability in construction that will last more than a lifetime

Role of Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) offer a quick and easy method to construct concrete walls and the requirement for expensive insulation applications is eliminated with EF Block™. There is also an added benefit of accommodating curvy architectural details when using EF Block™ as the block is easily cut and shaped to suit. Once you have installed EF Block™ and filled the cores with Rebar and concrete, you can apply different fascias in order to customize the interior and exterior look of these block walls. Because of the manner in which EF Block™ is manufactured, stucco and plaster can be applied directly to EF Block™ and the opportunity to be creative in your construction is boundless.

As the demand for insulated concrete forms has increased, Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC has strived to offer quality blocks to its customers in order to meet their construction requirements. Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC is even offering licensing agreements to investors who wish to establish an EF Block™ manufacturing plant in their area to meet the demand for EF Block™.