Welcome to EFBM -Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC

Sep 14, 2021

EFBM is owned and operated by Dan Chouinard and Sue Ellen Chouinard. Sue Ellen brings administrative excellence to you and Dan brings unsurpassed technical expertise from building homes and commercial structures with a wide diversity of architectural designs and dimensions since 1969. Dan began his career in wood frame construction alongside his father, Ernie Chouinard, who founded American Framers, LLC. and expanded into CMU (Concrete Masonry Units, aka concrete blocks). In 1990, as the price of lumber increased, and the quality of lumber decreased, Dan sought out and experimented with various alternative building materials. The research led him to a remarkable, environmentally beneficial concept which has resulted in Dan’s successful manufacturing and sales of EF Block™. This block is simply exceptional, not only because it’s easy to transport and swift to build, but because its thermal factors, fire-resistant and pest resistant properties are hard to beat. In addition, EF Block™ can be easily shaped to fit unique architectural designs. Take a moment to view any of the EF Block™ videos on our YouTube channel and you’ll be hooked!

Total Support From EFBM

Dan and his team are ready to professionally support your project with technical knowledge, hands-on product training, and EF Block™ at wholesale prices. They can provide item lists for your construction project, arrange delivery to and unloading at your building site, provide on-the-job training at one of our current construction locations, and even send a consultant to your own construction site.

EFBM offers a statewide network of qualified sales agents and an increasing national and international presence. Do you like what you see in our videos? EFBM is expanding and you can join the team! Our international team member is a contractor in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, who purchased an EF Block TM production plant. It’s real! Regionalized franchising is also an option.

Earth Friendly Means Quality

EFBM proudly keeps it focus on our environment and is conscious of the world we will leave for our children and grandchildren. EFBM continuously collaborates with Scottsdale’s Green Building Program to give back to our communities and they strive to establish connections to other environmentally beneficial efforts in the building industry, both temporary and long-term. EFBM’s vision is to inspire environmentally friendly experimentation and progress by providing opportunities, information, and the required tools, as well as fostering long-term beneficial partnerships ultimately promoting this unique building niche.

You can subscribe to our EF Block™ channel to be sure to get notified of newly uploaded videos. To find out more about EFBM, its operations, and EF Block™, visit our official website www.efbm.com. You can also call them directly at (480) 830-5393 to learn more and discuss your next construction project. It’s that easy!

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