The Numerous Benefits of Eco-Friendly Construction

Oct 12, 2021

The latest development in building technology and the popularity of the eco-friendly building has led to the innovation of EF Block™. These blocks are eco-friendly, and at present, it’s not just a modernization, it’s an environmental requirement.

Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC is a reputable company that supplies eco-friendly and high-quality construction materials. This company aims to protect the environment from the potential damage of pollution by incorporating recycled Polystyrene into the design of its building blocks, EF Block™, thereby preventing the Polystyrene from filling landfills and reducing the burden on forests for lumber production to support new construction.

What is Earth Friendly Block™ ?

The latest technology transforms recycled Polystyrene into a component of a concrete mixture that is formed into incredibly durable and fire-resistant eco-friendly building blocks. EF Block™ not only facilitates sustainable construction but also makes the finished buildings better fit for living.
The features of EF Block™ are:

  • Fire resistant
    Mold and mildew resistant
    Built-in thermal insulation
    Bug resistance
    Easy installation
    Environment friendly

The benefits of using Earth Friendly Block™ include:

1- Buildings Last More than a Lifetime

The word sustainability itself means long-lasting. The idea of using sustainable materials for the construction of modern buildings is to make them durable and long-lasting. When we use EF Blocks™ for construction, we are building walls that are 10” thick and filled with rebar and concrete. In addition to the strength of the wall, these blocks are impressively fire and bug resistant. An EF Block™ building is a veritable fortress.

2- Cost Reduction

When you construct a building using EF Block™, you can expect a decrease in the overall cost of construction and maintenance. Because these blocks incorporate recycled Polystyrene and are manufactured using simple technology, cost savings can be achieved over standard concrete blocks per square foot of finished product. Although lumber costs can fluctuate dramatically, as what most notably occurred in the summer of 2021, the costs associated with EF Block™ purchase and installation remained consistent and predictable.

3- Energy Conservation

When you construct a building using sustainable EF Block™, you create opportunity to conserve energy. These blocks are thermally dynamic because they incorporate recycled Polystyrene which adds incredible insulative value, plus the walls are 10 inches thick. These thermal features help maintain the temperature of the building you construct and ultimately reduce the burden on your heating and cooling systems. EF Block™ not only makes a positive impact on the environment, but also helps you save money that you might spend on heating and cooling your space.

4- Have a Healthy, Sustainable and Comfortable Home

Resilient, sustainable, and healthy homes are referred to as “green homes.” Individuals pursuing the construction of a green home often choose EF Block™ after researching alternatives. Homes and commercial buildings constructed with EF Block™ are generally healthier than those built with standard construction because they emit less chloro fluoro carbons, carcinogens and volatile organic compounds. In addition, the insulative value offered by EF Block™ has the potential to prohibit mold growth.


Constructing sustainable, green buildings is a goal when building homes. Green buildings provide a number of benefits to the environment and human health and, with the help of EF Block™, they can also look beautiful and reduce their carbon footprint. The long-term benefit of using EF Block™ is energy efficiency, durability, and a measurable appreciation in the value of your home or commercial building.