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BUCKEYE, AZ (June 15, 2013)--A group of 35 contractors and do-it-yourselfers gathered at Preach Building SupplyInsulated Concrete Forms Training here today, for the Earth Friendly Block (EF Block™) How-To Workshop presented by Earth Friendly Building Material’s owner Dan Chouinard.   Preach Building Supply stocks EF Block™ at its South Jack Rabbit Trail location and two other locations in the Phoenix area.   EF Block™ is composed of 87% recycled post-consumer expanded polystyrene (EPS), commonly known as Styrofoam.   Voluminous and air-filled, un-recycled EPS usually takes up valuable space in landfills. Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC, is the largest recycler of EPS in the state of Arizona.

EF Block™ is a superior green building system.   It is easy to use—do-it-yourselfers love it—and is as versatile as you can get in the construction industry.   With an R40+ insulation value, it is very energy efficient, offering a tremendous thermal mass.   Among the many benefits EF Block™ offers are a great fire rating (4 hours at 2200° F), a fact anyone prone to wildland/forest fires should note, moisture and mold resistance, pest resistance (Termites won’t eat it), and tremendous wind resistance. The only home left standing in a Tuscaloosa, Alabama subdivision ravaged by the 2012 tornado was built from EF Block™.

With these EF Block™ benefits in mind, workshop participants got a close-up, hands-on experience working with the block, actually building a wall corner with a window opening.   Dan waltzed the group through the fundamentals of the block, reinforcing the basic hand tool skills needed to construct with EF Block™. Within 30 minutes a 10 foot wall section 6 feet tall with a window and a corner was erected.   Thanks to Dan’s 30 years of Green Construction instructionconstruction experience in Arizona, the class volunteers, who were anxious to see how easily EF Block™ cut, stacked and connected, were not disappointed.   The light weight of the five-foot long blocks impressed the class members.   And they appreciated the advantages of adding five square feet of wall space with each block set. 

Earth Friendly Block is a unique hybrid building block – a marriage of CMU (concrete block) and ICF (insulated concrete form) that is truly eco-friendly.   Much of the EPS Chouinard’s patented block is manufactured with, comes from ASU and local school districts.   EF Block™ presents a new standard in residential and small commercial construction.   Any project from backyard bar-b-ques, planters and water features ranging up to four-story residential and commercial structures can easily, effectively and energy efficiently be built, by nearly anyone.   To learn more about EF Block™ or other products and services offered by Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC visit  or contact Dan directly at (480) 830-5393.



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