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The patent-pending EF BlockTM transforms standard recycled polystyrene and plastics into durable, fire-resistant and highly insulative blocks that are easy to stack and shape into just about every construction design you can imagine. EF BlockTM will have an everlasting positive impact on your lifestyle and our environment through strength in construction, thermal energy savings, and the recycled use of materials that would otherwise be sent to landfills. EF BlockTM is quick and easy to construct and, once constructed, various fascias can be applied to customize the appearance of finished walls. This is the Insulated Concrete Form (ICF)technology we offer our customers. We provide blocks to meet your construction needs and will even license investors who want to establish EF BlockTM manufacturing plants in their region.

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During construction, EF BlockTM panels are stacked on top of each other without the need for mortared seams. The panels are easy to cut and shape to fit nearly any design. As the EF BlockTM panels are stacked, steel rods (rebar) are inserted in grid-work fashion throughout the cores, and then the cores are filled with concrete. The result is custom-designed construction built to withstand fire, earthquakes, and pests while providing unbeatable insulative values. The gallery link on this website demonstrates how easily EF BlockTM panels are incorporated in construction projects. EF BlockTM is now offering the NEW Enviro-Series block to accommodate thicker walls and commercial EIFS applications.



EF BlockTM technology eliminates the need for costly insulation applications. EF BlockTM is the only insulation you will need in your walls. In addition, stucco can be applied directly to EF BlockTM, eliminating the need for thermal wrap, tar paper, and wire mesh applications. Construction times are significantly reduced.Recycling EPS Phoenix


 - Simplify the construction process


      - Reduce construction time


           - Reduce manpower and
              material costs


                - Maximize thermal performance

- Do something great for our Earth and our future!

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EF Block Presentation


The EF Block Powerpoint presentation will provide you with additional information about the uses and specifications of EF Block™. Click here to access the presentation.



EF Block DownloadsGreen Builidng Block

Styrofoam Building BlocksDetails

--Othographic Views with Dimensions
--Detail Sheet
--Corner with Rebar Layout
--Corner Construction
--Retaining Wall
--Basement Wall S1-0
--Basement Wall S2-0
--Window & Door Bucking, Page 1
--Window & Door Bucking, Page 2




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